Variable Marketing Solutions

Print Solutions
Variable data marketing is a database driven process, that enables you to reach each individual target with specific creative, words, and images selected to relate - and sell - on a personal level. We can help you produce a full campaign that is highly personalized to each of your customers, effectively combining the benefits of higher-count print runs, but with each piece maintaining the personalization of a one-off job.

Know your customer's gender? Great - we can take that data and swap pictures, colors or even whole creative styles based on it. Changing an individual record in your print run from blue for boys to pink for girls is simple when you use our workflow.

Know that your target has three children? Two? None? No problem. Feed us the data, and we can swap images so that the creative shown better reflects your customer. Changes like this are subtle, but have proven very effective in building rapport with your customers.

Online/Hybrid Solutions
A lot of our customers want to combine their print solutions with an online solution, in order to more efficiently measure response rates and to provide additional communications to their clients that may not be able to be expressed due to space issues. That's where personalized URLs come into play.

We can send out a print piece that has a unique website address for every person in your database, and from there - the sky's the limit.

Use that URL to promote your product, make special offers, hold a contest, or to request more information from your client. It's up to you, but regardless of what you do with it, you're taking an additional step in building relationships with your customers, and because you can track the unique visits on a per-customer level, you can measure campaign effectiveness more accurately than traditional direct-mail services offer.

And if you don't want to use print in your campaign, no problem! We can assist you with a wide variety of personalization and customization options that are web-based from end to end. From basic email campaigns, to customer-specific, variable online videos, to highly variable, data-driven campaigns that use image and creative customization on a per-record basis, we can bring the same levels of personalization and relevance to your online communications as your print campaigns.


Contact us today, and let us help make your communications more personal and effective!

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